DVSA clears up confusion about new MOT defect categories

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    The DVSA has released further information about the new MOT defect categories that are due to come into force from May 20 following reports of confusi
    [See the full post at: DVSA clears up confusion about new MOT defect categories]

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    Neil swain

    Hi thanks for the update on this area.
    It sounds to me that it just making things more complicated than what thay need to be. If a part on a car has failed the mot test then that car has already been deemed not road worthy. Therefor if the customer wishes to take it away and drive it on the road there already braking the law. We are not the police,therefore it shouldnt be down to us to dictate what thay should do. At every there should be more advertising on what the law is abaut mot testing and what could happen in the event of sombody being stoped with no mot.
    Regards Neil.

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    nations garage ltd

    If the car fails we advise the owner that they are driving a car around with no MOT so you will no longer be insured , the test is updated on the vosa site the same day so your car registration will show this to the police, weather or not the car has failed test by a major default or labelled dangerous the driver is not covered by insurance and should not be on the road .
    why don’t you inform the public of this
    Jeffrey morris

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    Andrew mackie

    Hi Jeffrey Morris your insurance is still valid I have been stopped by the police and been given a ticket for no mot but let me carry on my journey in my car with no mot

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    just been on vosa training site cant find the listing for reversesing lights on there site does not look good so far

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    We as MOT testers are not given a list of the new changes is it a secret that no one should know? Does not make sense why we are kept in the dark.
    The general public can get more information than us.
    A list of every previous fail / advise item should also be shown on the screen as we log a vehicle on to the system.

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    joe digney

    have had several attempts to log on to training site without success
    not giving testers too much time to get to grips with new items coming in
    system works fine as it is
    system crashed first day new certs were introduced is this a sign of things to come?

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    It’s always been a case that a fail is deemed a vehicle unfit for road use however it’s generally accepted by insurers that you can return your car from the MOT and to a single place of repair. This new wording is in danger of being used as a scare tactic on customers not to drive away forcing the work to be carried out at the MOT centre. Assuming the defect isn’t deemed “dangerous” the customer is not committing an offence but I can see the wording being “milked” by the less honest and many owners being forced to pay for marked up repairs, not with a mechanic of their choice as a result.

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    The new certificates show the vehicle class as M1 for cars & N1 for commercial but N1 could be class 4 or class 7. How does our front of house staff who are invoicing the test know what price to charge and then explain to the customer what the difference is?

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