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    Independent garages have spoken out against the actions of an ex-mechanic that logged MOT passes for cars that he had “tested” at owner’s homes by acc
    [See the full post at: Fake MOT tester: More should have been done, GW readers say]

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    jim walker

    I’ve said it on here before, MOT stations should not be allowed to repair vehicles they test! simple, this would raise standards of testing and repair, proven in Europe. fact. further to this making the system internet based was always going to lead to fraudulent use, the old system of BT land line although very slow, ensured that the vehicle was logged on and off at the registered test station, giving the station a good idea of who was doing what. with the new system it does not matter how good the station management are a rouge tester can slip a test in via his phone almost without question. can you then blame the station, I think not.

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    As a responsible Mot station; we are not looking to feed more work into our workshops but to ensure that vehicles are safe to be on the road. After all, I wouldn’t want myself, my family or anyone else to be involved in an accident caused by a dangerous vehicle losing control and hitting them.
    If we come across one it is far better to be given the chance to be repaired there and then and NOT driven away to be repaired elsewhere.
    I am sure there are many more like us with integrity.

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    Joe Brookshaw

    Mot stations are not checked on like they used to be back in the 80s and 90s when I ran a mot station,you would have atleast 4 visits a year from the vehicle examener and the equivelant to happy shoppers who would just call in without a phone call,in York alone we have two mot stations who just print out mot certification with out checking the cars for there fellow traders and friends,this is a fact.

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    We always carry out a fair test and will not cut price. Some MOT stations cut price and make up the difference on what the car fails on. A mandatory test fee should be introduced. The DVSA should only allow the computer system/systems on site to log tests and no mobile device tests. Unfortunately, there will always be rogue testers who want to make extra money. The people who allow their cars to be ‘tested’ without taking the car into a garage should also pay the penalty, as they must realise that they could be driving a dangerous car that is not tested to required standard. There is nothing wrong with garages being able to carry out repairs to failed cars as the customer has a choice to get the work done anywhere.

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