GYSFlash 100.12 battery support unit

High power 100 amp support unit is compatible with BMW

GYSFlash 100.12 battery support unit
Meets the specifications for major vehicle manufacturers, ideally sized to be placed under vehicles.

Buy the GYSFlash battery support unit for just £499 + VAT from The Parts Alliance.

The GYSFlash battery support units are designed to sustain the vehicle electrical system during diagnostic work, preventing disruption to the diagnostic process and protecting against potentially costly damage to sensitive electronics.

GYSFLASH 100.12 HF is compatible with BMW and suitable for all battery types.

GYS offer a range of 6 units with outputs from 30A to a massive 100A and with 12v and 24v options.

  • Battery support: Choose outputs of 30, 40, 50 or 100 Amps.
  • Diag+, allows user adjustment of the voltage level from 12v – 14.8v.
  • Battery charger: Advanced charger for Lead Acid,GEL and AGM/EFB battery types.
  • Battery change: Battery change function – can be set to provide power to the vehicle during battery change.
  • Showroom mode: To support the vehicle in a showroom environment.
  • Output 100Amp, 12V.
  • Maintains stable vehicle voltage.
  • Adjustable voltage 12-14.8V.

For further information, contact your local branch of The Parts Alliance by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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