Unilite USB rechargeable inspection light

PS-IL6R boats impressive 600 lumen output with the latest SMD LED technology

Unilite USB rechargeable inspection light
Comes with integral hanging hook and magnet for hands-free use.

The Unilite PS-IL6R The PS-IL6R is available for £39.95 + VAT.

  • It has superior portability in the form of its integral hanging hook, foldable kick stand and strong magnet which all allow for easy hands free use
  • Located on the top is an extra 100 lumen torch, enabling users to focus a tight beam on a concentrated area, in addition to the flood light produced from the main light
  • The PS-IL6R’s battery life stands at 4 and ½ hours from the main light or around 24 hours from the torch, all from one full charge via the inclusive DC-USB cable and can be used with any smart phone USB adaptor.
  • For added robustness, it is manufactured from ultra-strength polycarbonate and is impact resistant up to 1 metre.

Other key features:

  • 600 Lumen 5W white Samsung SMD LEDs
  • DC-USB charging cable included
  • Additional 100 Lumen torch in head
  • Ultra-strength polycarbonate housing
  • Integral hanging hook and magnet for hands-free use
  • Multi positional hook/ foldable kick stand
  • Rear charging point with protective cover

To order or to find out more, please contact your local branch of The Parts Alliance by clicking ‘more details’ below, quoting ‘Garage Essentials Summer 2017’ or call 0121 7498801.

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