Reader review: Unilite PS-IL10R 1000 lumen LED inspection light

Jackson and Phillips Automotive Services awards four stars to Unilite's latest generation inspection lamp

Reader review: Unilite PS-IL10R 1000 lumen LED inspection light
Unilite PS-IL10R 1000 lumen LED inspection light,

Offering an impressive 1,000 lumen light output, thanks to Samsung SMD LED technology, the PS-IL10R promises to bring the power and durability necessary for busy workshops.

Aaron Phillips, director at Jackson and Phillips Automotive Services in Bedfordshire has been reviewing the inspection lamp for GW Views.

Since taking delivery and unboxing the light, Aaron explained that it’s been his workshop’s go-to lamp of choice.

“This light has been used every day on almost every job,” he said.

“It’s much brighter than the one we usually use.

“The Unilite lamp is extremely bright and creates excellent visibility, illuminating under-bonnet and under-vehicle jobs very well.”

Spread of light

The power of the light comes from its Samsung 1000 Lumen white SMD LED’s, providing a great spread of light for close point inspection.

This is helped with improved wider reflector that houses the LED’s.

In addition to the main light, the IL10R also has a torch on its head, allowing for a single spot inspection light or a distance lighting tool.

Aaron notes the lamp’s ease of use and its ability to reduce light output, if required.

A rubberised switch controls the light and can dim both the inspection light and the torch, scrolling through three settings.

Meanwhile, an ergonomic grip allows for comfortable hand placement when in operation

“It’s easy to use and features a stand, which works well for jobs in the footwell, and a good strong magnet.

Strong and durable

“It’s very solid too.

“We’ve managed to drop it a few times but there’s no real marks or significant damage at all.”

The PS-IL10R is built with increased strength housing constructed of aircraft grade aluminium and a strong co-polymer blend.

When it comes to battery life, Aaron said: “The low battery warning is a nice touch, my other lamp just switches off.”

While he added that the battery life “isn’t quite as good” as his lamp – the only reason why Aaron didn’t give the Unilite PS-IL10R a full five-star rating – it’s something that can be overlooked when consider its truly impressive 1000 lumen light output.

Concluding his review, Aaron said: “I’d 100 per cent recommend this light to other garages because the visibility it gives is excellent compared with any other light I’ve used.”

What you need to know:

  • 27x White Samsung SMD LEDs producing 1000 lumens.
  • Additional 250 lumen torch in the head.
  • Ultra-strong aluminium and polycarbonate housing.
  • Integral hanging hook and strong magnet for hands-free use.
  • Multi positional hook/foldable kick stand.
  • DC-USB charging cable included for portable non-static charging.
  • Red-to-green charging indicator light.
  • Impact resistant to 1m.

For more information about the Unilite PS-IL10R inspection light, click ‘more details’ below.

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