Survey: Workshop management software

GW readers share their views on garage management systems

Survey: Workshop management software

A new GW reader survey suggests that 20 per cent of garages have started using workshop management software within the last three years.

Speaking exclusively to GW about the findings, Alex Knight of Autino, creators of web-based garage management software CarVue, said: “Digital engagement is on the rise in the independent sector, particularly in the last three years with 20 per cent of garages adopting a computerised system.

“It’s clear that the majority of businesses recognise the part that digital needs to play in their business both now and in the future, with 84 per cent of garages using a management system to run their business and 70 per cent wanting a greater digital toolset to engage with today’s consumer through online booking, reminder, messaging and photo sharing.”

The findings also found that 41 per cent admitted that they’ve never considered changing systems, while 16 per cent are yet to adopt one.

When it comes to looking for the best features of the latest systems, 63 per cent said fast and accurate invoicing is an important consideration.

Cost and time savings are the main benefits of digital management, according to 41 per cent of survey respondents, while improved customer communications was also recognised to be beneficial.

Alex added: “The landscape is maturing now with 84 per cent of garages using a management system to run their business meaning the days of paper invoicing is increasingly behind us.

“Saving time continues to be a key driver to digitise and is vitally important to garages, with four in ten garages opting to use a computerised system to better manage their admin time.

“Our research shows that the benefits of centralised customer, job and invoice management can give most garages back an hour in day, which not only leaves them with more time to manage their repairs but can impact the bottom line with more labour hours, parts and more being sold in that hour, which is win-win for the garage.

“Customer focus is becoming more important, with a quarter of all garages recognising that they need and want to improve their customer communication.

“Having the right tool that everyone in the garage can access in front of them on their desk is vital in being able to share customer job status and then communicate promptly with customers, and with web-based systems this is now a possibility, with cloud systems running on any device and working in web browsers.”

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