DVSA calls for more feedback on latest draft of new MOT inspection manual

New manual for class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles to reflect changes to the MOT test later this year

DVSA calls for more feedback on latest draft of new MOT inspection manual
The roadworthiness directive is a broad set of rules to govern the condition of road-going vehicles. Image: Bigstock.

The DVSA is calling on test stations to leave feedback on its latest draft of the new MOT inspection manual which is set to come into effect from 20 May, 2018.

The new manual will be rolled out to reflect substantial MOT changes due to come into force later this year.

Commenting on the Matters of Testing blog recently, head of MOT Policy at DVSA, Neil Barlow said: “As you know, the roadworthiness directive means we’re making substantial changes to the inspection manual.

“Although it won’t come into effect until 20 May 2018, I want to make sure you can start getting to know what’s in it and what’s changing.

“It’d be great to hear your feedback on it, so please let us know if there are any areas we can improve.”

MOT failure reasons

Neil added: “You may have noticed from the new manual that while the content of the MOT isn’t changing much, there’ll be quite a few changes on how we word MOT failure reasons.

“It’s important that we make it as easy as possible to find the correct failure reasons within the MOT testing service, as they might be worded or organised differently to before.

“So, we’ve been doing a lot of testing of prototypes with testers and I’m really pleased with how this has gone so far.

“It’s helped us understand how we can make the service easier to use and defects quicker to find.

“We’ll continue doing more user testing over the next few weeks.”

Click ‘more details’ below to go to the latest draft of the new MOT inspection manual.

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    jim walker

    Pat yourself on the back DVSA, all the proposed changes are great! and everybody who’s tied it think it’s great, according to you the DVSA. let’s not kid ourselves the government and the DVSA have their own agenda and it does not matter one jot what the independent MOT testers think they will manipulate the feedback or statistics to suit their own needs! take number plates for instance, we have so many possible failures it takes ten minuets to read them, why cant we have one ( does not comply with BS or statuary design/condition ) simple. What we really need is a union so we can collectively put our own ideas across, or even withdraw labour if required. That might make the DVSA sit up and take note.

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    Great, now we have “not bad enough to fail”, “failed” and “very failed” to contend with. That’ll look very clear to the average punter, won’t it?

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