DVSA revises MOT testing guide

Revised sixth edition guide replaces all previous versions and is available online

DVSA revises MOT testing guide

The MOT testing guide has been updated to bring it in line with recent MOT changes, the DVSA has announced in a special notice.

The agency says document is intended to “help new and existing authorised examiners, testers and other interested parties comply with the requirements for authorisation by the Secretary of State to conduct statutory tests on certain motor vehicles”.

Changes covered in the revision include training, demonstration tests, contingency testing, MOT security cards, MOT accounts and testing on demand or by appointment.

In an MOT special notice, the DVSA said: “Vehicle testing stations don’t have to keep paper copies of the MOT testing guide.

“Paper copies of previous versions must be destroyed.”

Detailed information on the technical standards and procedures of the statutory test is given in the DVSA’s MOT inspection manuals.

Additional instruction and information is also issued to testing stations about testing and procedures, in the form of special notices.

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