Brian Spratt to retire as IAAF Chief Exec in June 2014

Brian Spratt to retire as IAAF Chief Exec in June 2014

Brian Spratt, the IAAF’s long serving chief executive is to retire in June 2014.

Mr Spratt joined the IAAF (then the ADF) in 1992 as trade secretary. In 1999 he became IAAF chief executive, playing an instrumental role in ensuring the trade association’s focus on strengthening and promoting the independent aftermarket. 

The IAAF is widely recognised for its dialogue with government, regulators, allied trade associations, buying groups and the press. It ensures industry stakeholders work to a code of conduct in their business dealings. Recently, Brian has positioned the IAAF to take the lead on highlighting to consumers the facts on car servicing and repair and the responsibilities of the supply chain to ensure the trade’s credibility and integrity is maintained as part of the Right2Choose campaign.

Graham Knight, IAAF president, said: “The automotive aftermarket has changed so much since Brian joined. But, throughout these changes, the IAAF, under Brian’s stewardship, has maintained a position of authority. Brian and the IAAF team have often been the unsung heroes of the aftermarket, championing its efforts to all that will listen. The search for Brian’s successor has begun and we look forward as an organisation to continuing the good work.”

Mr Spratt added: “Much of the success of the IAAF has been as a result of the hard work so many people have put in, from council members and presidents past and present to our very own IAAF team. I will continue to work tirelessly in the next 12 months to ensure the IAAF and automotive aftermarket is in the strongest position possible.”

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