IMI professional register goes live

IMI professional register goes live

The IMI’s Professional Register a voluntary licence to practice in the automotive industry, is now live at


Developed by the IMI and backed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, the aim is to use the register to help the sector improve its image by changing public perception and increase consumer confidence by showing the industry has a skilled, competent, professional workforce.

You can join the register by being an IMI member and fulfilling approximately four days of continuing professional development (CPD) activity over a three year period. Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) and Automotive Management Accreditation (AMA) qualifications will grant access to the professional register.

Steve Nash, the IMI’s chief executive said: “The industry is not licensed at this point in time and anyone can set themselves up as specialists with no real qualifications. The Professional Register allows the public to differentiate between people who are investing in training and development and those who do not.”

Motorists can search the website to find businesses and individuals which are registered. 


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