Industry appeals to government ahead of this week’s general election

The RMI publishes a policy statement calling on the government to work with the industry

Industry appeals to government ahead of this week’s general election
The general election is scheduled to take place on 8 June, 2017. Image: Bigstock.

The RMI is asking government to commit to focusing on and working with the industry over six key policy areas that it believes are crucial to the continued success of the automotive industry.

Sue Robinson, director of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI), said: “Maintaining the current 3-1-1 MOT testing structure, and implementing a clear three-point strategy to tackle mileage adjustment, are two of the main policies outlined in RMI Policy Statement ahead of the 2017 general election taking place next week.”

Earlier this year, the government conducted a consultation proposing the extension of the first MOT test date to four years, a move that the RMI is strongly against due to the safety implications this could have on consumers.

The RMI has also highlighted the need for a clearer strategy to tackle mileage adjustment, including punishing those who offend and monitoring vehicle mileage records more extensively.


The RMI is calling on the government to commit to seeking a free trade agreement with the EU as a matter of urgency.

The RMI said: “A free trade agreement would be a clear indicator that the UK remains an attractive investment opportunity, therefore alleviating the fears of the wider industry that Brexit will have a negative impact on business.”


The RMI believes a lack of new talent threatens to seriously destabilise the consistent growth the industry has enjoyed in recent years, as well as hinder the potential growth of the market.

The RMI said it “is optimistic to hear about the creation of a new system of technical education, specifically the introduction of clear, high quality routes for technical education”.

It hopes the government “seeks to co-operate with the motor industry to establish effective and attractive routes for students to pursue careers as motor technicians, to help fill the considerable employment gap the sector is currently facing”.

3-1-1 MOT testing

The RMI has been resolute in opposing a proposed 4-1-1 alteration to the MOT testing structure and calls on the newly elected government to resist changing the current 3-1-1 structure.

Mileage fraud

The RMI proposes a three-point strategy for the government to implement to tackle mileage adjustment, involving punishing those who offend and monitoring vehicle mileage records more extensively.

‘Level playing field’

The RMI is calling for reform in three key areas which are crucial in providing our members with the environment in which their businesses can flourish.

These include giving the small business commissioner “legitimate power”, a business rates reform and greater scrutiny of businesses guilty of labour abuse.


The RMI is conscious of protecting consumers who purchased diesel vehicles under the assumption that these vehicles were more environmentally friendly.

It suggests a 3p cut to fuel duty and an introduction of a “centralised, monetary fund allowing for private businesses to apply for funding to invest specifically in rapid charge equipment” would both protect diesel drivers and best prepare the UK for the emergence of the AFV market.

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