Bespoke Dura fit for prestige Ferrari workshop

Bob Houghton Ferrari has become one of the UK’s most renowned Ferrari workshops, since opening in 1964

Bespoke Dura fit for prestige Ferrari workshop

Dealing with everything from classic Ferrari 250 GTO’s and 250 Lusso’s through to modern day models such as the Ferrari 360 and Ferrari Enzo, Bob Houghton’s has carried out work for some of the most recognised Ferrari owners from across the globe, even working on a number of bespoke projects for some of Ferrari’s closest clients.

Because of this experience and the vast volume of prestige cars that pass through the Gloucestershire based workshop, Bob and his staff have always taken a great deal of pride in their workplace, gaining a reputation for providing a service unlike any other and delivering an experience that is as seamless as the cars they work on.

When Dura first visited the centre for a site meeting in early 2013, Bob himself wanted to create a ‘look and feel’ in the workshop that perfectly portrayed the Ferrari brand.

Keen to incorporate the stunning red Ferrari has become famous for, it was decided that the whole of the new workshop would incorporate a series of five identical technician bays, each with a selection of tool storage base cabinets, general storage wall cabinets and integrated air, oil and water delivery reels to provide a well-equipped environment.

To provide the workshop with a unique finish, Dura designed and incorporated a bespoke run of Ferrari red steel walling that spanned around the full length of the workshop, expertly incorporating the Ferrari theme throughout.

For more information about Dura’s projects call 01280 706050, or click ‘More Details’ below to email Dura.

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