BG Products launches ‘MPG Challenge’

Competition to reward top fuel saving motorists using company's treatments

BG Products launches ‘MPG Challenge’
BG's MPG Challenge will find the top fuel saving motorists using the company’s fuel and oil treatments.

BG Products GB is launching a competition to find the top fuel saving motorists using the company’s fuel and oil treatments to maximise their engine’s efficiency and improve fuel economy.

There are 100 free sets of BG Service products up for grabs and the driver gaining the highest MPG improvement will win a top-spec 43 inch 4K UHD Smart TV.

Keen to spread the word that their vehicle’s ever-decreasing MPG doesn’t have to be the norm, the new free-to-enter competition organised by BG-GB challenges motorists to see just how much fuel they can save after a single use of BG’s fuel and oil treatment.

The reward for the top saver, the driver achieving the highest MPG improvement, is a brand new 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

Plus, as an extra incentive, 100 of the competition’s entrants will receive the BG components of a garage fuel saving service for free.

‘Keeping engine clean and fuel costs down’

In regular use by technicians at service centres across Great Britain, fuel and oil service treatments supplied by BG are recognised an effective way of keeping an engine clean and fuel costs down.

Relying on regular standard servicing, which doesn’t clean the inside of an engine, doesn’t do the job, according to BG.

And opting to use premium fuels because of the small percentage of equivalent cleaning additive they contain isn’t cost-effective – it can inflate fuel costs by £150+ over the course of a year.

After testing BG, Total BMW Magazine said that their car’s MPG improved by 4.6 per cent; London Taxi Drivers’ Magazine said they had an increase of six per cent.

Respected motoring journalist Quentin Willson writing in his Sunday newspaper column recommended BG Products, saying “BG 244 diesel cleaner and BG44K petrol cleaner improve your MPG and engine smoothness.”

BG Products are a US research and development company who develop respected cleaning and lubricating chemistry to restore engine performance.

Trusted in one in three car dealerships across the US, the company have produced products such as BG44K, with an ability to restore the power and economy of vehicle’s engines.

Andy Cotton, director of Powerflow Ltd, distributor of BG Products within Great Britain, said: “Key to fuel efficiency in an engine is consistent injector spray pattern and maintained compression.

“It takes very little deposit to interfere with the spray pattern on modern injectors.

“Similarly, dirty oil deposits can quickly build up behind the piston rings, compromising compression thus reducing power and economy.

“The fuel and oil system service elements to BG’s fuel saving service restore MPG, performance, and reduce emissions.”

‘Social media competition’

The BG-GB MPG Challenge is a free-to-enter social media competition.

Motorists enter by sharing before and after-treatment photos on Twitter or Facebook of their car’s tripmeter showing their long term MPG.

The challenge runs until the end of August 2017.

Mr Cotton added: “It’s a win-win-win opportunity.

“Motorists get back that new-car feeling with their MPG restored.

“Plus they have a chance to get the BG Service Products for free, and could win a brand new Sharp 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV – so everybody wins.”

For further information about the competition, click ‘more details’ below.

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