Bosch goes back to basics with essential relay know-how

Everything you need to know about Bosch relays

Bosch goes back to basics with essential relay know-how
More than 160 part numbers are available in the Bosch relay range.

Bosch has published an essential guide to relays in its latest newsletter.

Simply put, relays are electrical switches that use low current switching to activate high current components.

In it’s guide, Bosch say: “Before buying, selling or installing any type of relay, verify the correct application.

“Disconnect the power source of the vehicle, before carrying out the relay replacement.

“Verify that the connector terminals in the fuse holder or electrical compartment are free from corrosion.

“Ensure that the relay does not come in contact with water and oil, because it can affect the operation.”

Micro relays

  • Micro relays switch auxiliary lights, electronic fuel injection, heating and wiper motors.
  • Voltage of 12 and 24 from 5 to 30 amps.

Mini relays

  • Mini relays switch electric fuel pump, fan motor, indicator lights, rotating beacons, horns, headlights, others.
  • Voltage of 12 and 24 from 10 to 70 amps.

Power relays

  • Power relays are suitable for switching motors, starters and other heavy duty devices on special automotive and industrial applications.
  • Voltage of 12 and 24, from 50 to 230 amps.

Bosch says its relays offer excellent vibration and impact resistance, function over a wide temperature range and a long service life.

Go to the Bosch automotive catalogue by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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