Classic car enthusiasts relieved as Ford agrees not to scrap rare Standard Ten

Roadworthy classic was due to meet it's demise as part of Ford's scrappage scheme

Classic car enthusiasts relieved as Ford agrees not to scrap rare Standard Ten
Ford agreed not to scrap the classic, to the relief of UK classic car enthusiasts. Image: Bigstock.

After coming under fire from classic car enthusiasts, Ford has agreed not to destroy a roadworthy 1959 Standard Ten, reports the Telegraph.

From 1954 to 1960 the classic was regarded as the best alternative to other models such as the Morris Minor and Austin A30, however few models like these remain on today’s roads.

Ford UK executive director, communication and public affairs, Tim Holmes said: “We have been in discussion with Danny Hopkins, the editor of Practical Classics magazine, and we have found a solution that satisfies both the terms of our scrappage scheme and all the parties concerned.”

James Walshe, deputy editor of Practical Classics, travelled to Thurso to join the local car clubs who were attempting to save the vehicle.

He reported that the Standard “has been inspected and it would certainly pass an MOT test.”

UK classic car movement

Practical classics editor, Danny Hopkins, added: “The historic vehicle industry is worth £5.5 billion per annum to UK PLC, a fact that makes an act of heritage vandalism such as this all the more extraordinary, especially from a car company.

“We are so lucky to have such a vibrant, passionate and active classic car movement in the UK, I am not surprised by the outrage that Ford’s intransigence inspired.”

The car will have to stay off the road, but thankfully has avoided being part of Ford’s scrappage scheme.

The future of the rare vehicle is still in question, with suggestions that it may even fall into the hands of Edward Sutherland, a Scottish garage owner and classic car collector.

Do you share the enthusiasm to save rare classics from the scrap heap? Leave your comments below.

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