Apec Braking promotes IMI training programme

New "hands-on approach" for best practice training attracts interest at Automechanika Birmingham

Apec Braking promotes IMI training programme
The training rigs appeared on the Apec Braking stand at Automechanika Birmingham.

Apec Braking has launched a new IMI training course to encourage best practice.

The two-day IMI training course covers classroom theory and workshop practicals before delegates must complete a multiple choice test at the end of the training.

Graeme Ryder of Apec Braking said: “We wanted to be able to offer an industry-recognised course for garages to promote best-practice and reduce workshop inefficiencies.

“We’ve got complete braking systems set up on mobile rigs so we can offer this training to a wider audience and bring the course to the garage.”

Siti Abdullah of Apec Braking said: “The rigs have simulated faults and one of the things we concentrate on is how to prevent brake judder.

“To prevent it, when fitting a brand new disc we always recommend a run-out check to ensure that there’s no corrosion on the hub face surface which can lead to uneven deposits of friction material.”

For further information on the course call 01454 285054 or email [email protected].

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