How to fit brake discs with integrated bearings

Apec issues technical bulletin fitting instructions for technicians covering discs with integral bearings

How to fit brake discs with integrated bearings

Apec Braking has this week released a technical bulletin with fitting instruction for discs with integral bearings.

In its latest bulletin, Apec explain that technicians should first ensure the axle is completely clean and slide the disc carefully on to the axle, taking care not to force the bearing inner ring out of alignment.

If the bearing inner ring has moved outwards, it must be re-aligned with the outer ring before fitting the retaining nut.

Rotate the disc by hand while simultaneously re-aligning the bearing inner ring.

If necessary, slide a cylindrical tool over the axle to push the bearing ring backwards.

Simply tightening the retaining nut will not always re-align the bearing inner ring correctly, and the bearing will suffer from excessive free play and noise.

This free play can also cause the ABS ring to come into contact with the ABS sensor.

Using a a suitable torque wrench, tighten the retaining nut to the recommended torque while simultaneously rotating the disc by hand.

To ensure correct bearing adjustment and extended service life, it is vital that the correct torque is applied and the disc is rotated as the nut is tightened.

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