Bradford independent “very impressed” with BG Products

Garage owners arranged demonstration having watch former Stig, Ben Collins appraise the range of products

Bradford independent “very impressed” with BG Products
Dave Hodgson and Tony Bragg, owners of Ned Lane Garage in Bradford.

Ned Lane Garage in Bradford has left high praise for BG Products this week, claiming it offers products that “actually do what they claim to do”.

Garage owners, Dave Hodgson and Tony Bragg trialled the BG ‘engine performance restoration 109’ and ‘fuel system cleaner 245’ on a 61-plate Vauxhall Astra CRTi with more than 130,000 miles on the clock and which had been suffering with a flat spot.

Tony said: “After having the EPR in a warm engine for 45 minutes we drained the old oil changed the filter and refilled with new oil.

“On starting the car with new oil in Tony stated immediately that it was much quieter, we checked the oil and as BG had stated it was very clean for a diesel.

“Dave then took the car for a quick road test and when he returned he said how impressed he was with the overall driveability of the car.”

The service resulted in a smoother, quieter drive and had cured the flat spot.

What’s more, Dave and Tony noted that the oil on the dipstick was now clean.

Tony added: “We were approached by BG regarding the fuel saving service we were rather sceptical, having seen many products before that don`t do what they claim they do.

“Having watched the Ben Collins test video with his own Land Rover we were convinced we should agree to a demonstration.”

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