DPF tampering “no longer an option”, warns BG Products

Motorists told to expect major MOT fail if DPF has been removed or if vehicle emits exhaust smoke

DPF tampering “no longer an option”, warns BG Products

Recent changes to the MOT test have brought strict new rules for emissions from diesel cars and motorists are this week being told to expect a major MOT failure if their DPF has been tampered with.

According to BG Products, the new rules mean “cheat” options such as isolating or removing the DPF “no longer have a place”.

A spokesperson said: “Any issues with the diesel exhaust system must be tackled properly.

“BG Products spent four years looking at the problem of blocked DPFs and their conclusion is that cleaning a DPF in isolation will only defer the problem, not cure it.

Tackling the problem “properly”

“It is for that reason that BG Products developed their own unique system to clean DPFs and restore engine combustion efficiency, thus prolonging DPF life and restoring economy.”

BG’s ‘complete DPF and emissions system service’ cleans from the air intake, through the engine to the DPF.

The decarbonisation process, which cleans the air intake, injectors, piston rings and DPF has been put to the test by renowned technician, Frank Massey.

The spokesperson added: “Other options only tackle the symptom of the blocked DPF itself.

“BG’s ‘DPF and emissions cleaning system’ attacks the real problem – poor combustion and the consequence, soot build-up.”

For more information and to arrange a free demonstration of the BG DPF cleaning system, garage owners and technicians should click ‘more details’ below or call 01284 777934.

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