Nottingham garage say BG Products making “a real difference”

Your Tyres and Autocare, Nottingham say customers regularly comment on difference after service

Nottingham garage say BG Products making “a real difference”
BG say they see their goal as being a partner to garages to optimise profit through offering services that are good for the customer and for their business.

Recent BG products convert your tyres & autocare are looking forward to a boost in their recurring service activity following a raft of impressive feedback from customers.

Since offering the BG range of preventative maintenance products, the independent says customers are already noticing big improvements in performance and economy.

Your Tyres and Autocare, Nottingham are a family-run tyre fitting and servicing business, with over a decade of industry experience and tyre fitting expertise.

The well-regarded outfit are experienced users of fuel system cleaning and oil flushing products and have tried a number of different manufacturers in the past, but none have delivered the performance restoration results that customers are reporting since converting to BG Products.

Noticeable difference

Your Tyres’ partner Simon Coxon said “I am 110 per cent confident that BG Products are making a real difference, overall feedback is excellent.

“People are feeling the difference; one customer, even before driving the car, said that it sounds different, much smoother.

“That’s generally what we’re being told, which is great.”

Partner to workshops

Fellow business partner Debra Hargreaves said: “We’ve used other products in the past but they don’t seem to give that performance difference.

“[Using BG] we’ve even had customers asking how many extra horses we’ve put in the engine after they’ve had a BG clean”.

For more information about BG Products search for BGGreatBritain on social media, click ‘more details’ below, or call 01284 777934.

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