Watch: how an independent is tackling DPF problems “properly”

GWTV visits PSI Tuning to find out more about the BG diesel intake and emissions system cleaner

Watch: how an independent is tackling DPF problems “properly”
The BG Diesel Intake and Emissions System Cleaner, effectively disperses hydrocarbons from the intake all the way through to the emissions system to be burned off and sent out the exhaust pipe.

DPF related problems continue to be a common issue faced by independent garages and while there’s variety of cleaning options available in the aftermarket, BG Products say its approach is unique because it not only cleans the DPF but it also tackles the cause of soot accumulation.

Andy Walker of PSI Tuning in Newcastle, where BG Products has been available to customers for the past year, explains more.

This video first featured in GW Views.

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