Review: Free online turbocharger course covers the essentials

GW editor, Mike Ruff reviews BTN Turbo's free online turbo training course

Review: Free online turbocharger course covers the essentials
Independent turbo distributor, BTN Turbo say it’s essential to find out what caused the turbo to fail, or you may repeat the problem.

Available to complete online, BTN Turbo’s turbocharger training course guides technicians through a series of modules and provides everything you need to know about turbochargers, GW’s Mike Ruff reports.

Taking around twenty minutes to complete, the course covers the fundamentals and goes on to reveal why they fail, how to identify replacements and how to fit them.

The learning material itself combines text with video and multiple choice questions following each modules ensures users remain engaged.

Once a sufficient number of questions have been answered correctly, the next module is unlocked.

BTN Turbo rewards those that achieve a score of one hundred per cent with a choice of free t-shirts.

What’s more, all users that complete the course are currently being automatically entered into a prize draw to win free round of Golf at the Oxfordshire Golf Club.

To go to the online turbo course and complete it now, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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