Watch: how Carbon Clean UK is helping garages drive profits

GWTV goes to SN Autohaus in Illford, Essex see Carbon Clean’s CC-16 machine in action

Watch: how Carbon Clean UK is helping garages drive profits
The Carbon Clean technology itself has been proved in numerous tests but it’s the support that Carbon Clean has to offer and the revenue potential that’s particularly attractive.

Developed specifically for the UK’s automotive aftermarket, Carbon Clean UK offers a unique engine decarbonising system that promises to not only improve vehicle emissions and performance but also provides garage support material to ensure workshops and mobile mechanics can successfully sell the service to their customers and benefit from the profit opportunities available.

The technology that sets the CC-16 machine apart is its use of electrolysis.

Using just tap water, the technology breaks water down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules – these are then blown into the engine as an oxyhydrogen gas mixture to accelerate combustion and clear residues that can lead to loss of power, increased fuel consumption and increased engine component wear.

This article first feature in GW Views, click here to continue reading and to find out more about the CC-16 machine.

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