Delphi launches ECE R90 brake discs

Introduction of R90 on discs and drums makes it difficult for low quality alternatives to reach market, says Delphi

Delphi launches ECE R90 brake discs
Once approved, the Delphi ECE R90 number will be etched onto the disc, as well as being detailed on the packaging label.

Delphi discs for new vehicles launched after 1st November 2016 will be released with official R90 homologation and certification.

In addition, Delphi is also securing R90 certification for discs fitted to older vehicle applications.

Although recently introduced R90 legislation only applies to discs or drums for vehicles launched after 1st November 2016, Delphi discs have been met these standards for several years.

During this time Delphi brake discs have undergone ECE R90 testing schedules to verify that they are R90 compliant, and therefore perform within a prescribed tolerance of the OE parts they are intended to replace.

Alex Ashmore, president at Delphi Product and Service Solutions, said: “All Delphi parts are engineered and validated to deliver the same levels of performance and durability as the OE.

“As a leading Tier-1 OE manufacturer, this is an approach we’ve always followed, so for us it really isn’t any different.”


The introduction of R90 certification on discs and drums for passenger vehicles, alongside pads, will make it more difficult for lower quality alternatives to reach the market and compromise safety.

“Both our customers, and end users, will now have a guarantee of quality,” said Ashmore.

“So when they buy Delphi, they can do so with confidence, knowing that they will still be getting the quality they have come to know and love, but with the added backing of an industry seal of approval.”


To meet this certification Delphi discs have been subjected to extensive testing, including performance, dynamic friction comparison, high load integrity and thermal fatigue analysis by a government approved laboratory in Europe.

During these tests the discs’ dimensions, geometric features, chemical composition and mechanical properties will all be assessed in depth, to confirm that they are high quality replacements to the OE, and are therefore R90 compliant.

Conformity of production is audited and performance of the disc validated, as part of the homologation.

Delphi’s portfolio of brake discs includes fully coated, high-carbon, cross-drilled, discs with bearings and ABS reluctor ring, alongside its standard range.

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