Engine decontamination specialist busts common myths about engine cleaning

EDT Automotive tackles the most common misconceptions about engine decontamination treatment

Engine decontamination specialist busts common myths about engine cleaning
The EDT machine is said to have a positive impact on carbon emissions, drivability and performance.

To date, EDT’s growing garage network has restored the performance of over 42,000 vehicles, yet managing director David Holmes is sure it’s only scratching the surface of the potential UK market.

“We’ve definitely seen some clear patterns in the questions garage owners have about the EDT machine,” said David.

“Once we get past these, customers soon discover the amazing benefits the EDT machine brings.”

Myth buster

“My customers aren’t interested in engine cleaning”

Vehicle engines build up carbon deposits, so whilst drivers might not be interested in cleaning them for the sake of it, they will be once they appreciate the benefits.

“Carbon deposits impact engine efficiency, so cleaning brings increased fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions – as well as quieter engines and improved performance,” said David.

“These are benefits everyone appreciates.”

“Engine cleaning introduces harsh chemicals into the engine”

On the contrary, the EDT Engine cleaning machine pumps an environmentally friendly mineral oil into the engine to remove sludge and carbon deposits.

“It’s risky to buy something we haven’t tried”

EDT promises every garage owner will receive a demo of the EDT machine on their own vehicle before they commit to leasing the machine.

“We want to ensure that the garage owner sees first-hand what the machine achieves,” says David.

“It’s time-consuming to set up and use”

EDT Automotive regularly monitors customer satisfaction and recent feedback from the garage network showed set-up typically takes less than twenty minutes – after that, the machine does the rest.

“Many garages of course sell the engine clean with a vehicle service, so mechanics can continue on with other work on the vehicle whilst the machine’s working,” said David.

“It’s complicated to operate”

It’s a simple piece of equipment to use, the basic method is always the same; flow and return hoses are connected to the sump plug and oil filter housing, achieving a pressurised treatment that ensures sediment and debris are collected in the filter.

With the mechanic just changing the use once filter, it’s simple.

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