Watch: Reader reviews EDT Automotive’s engine decontamination machine

Engine treatment gets full appraisal from independent garage owner and customers, despite early scepticism

Watch: Reader reviews EDT Automotive’s engine decontamination machine
The EDT machine has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability.

The EDT decontaminating machine from EDT Automotive is a multi-award winning engine cleaning system which is reported to have benefitted thousands of vehicles in the UK.

Designed to remove contaminants and restore the engine’s coefficient of friction, treatment can bring dramatic and instant improvements for the driver.

Conducting a three-month review for GW Views, GW reader and owner of Hardings Garage in Preston, Steven Cuming told GWTV that the EDT machine had surpassed his early reservations.

This article first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to continue reading  or watch the GWTV video feature for the full review…

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