Corteco enhance TVD technical support with ECP

Corteco enhance TVD technical support with ECP

A programme of product training and technical workouts at ECP branches all over the country is bringing telesales and fieldsales staff up to speed with the latest developments in front end drive systems.
Organised in association with Corteco, the distribution arm of OE manufacturer Freudenberg, the programme is increasing awareness about Torsional Vibration Damper (TVD) Kits, which have the potential to add new revenue streams for motor factors and garages alike.

Corteco TVD kits are new to the Euro Car Parts (ECP) range. They include the special bolts required to install the TVD.

TVDs are a feature of front-end drive systems installed in most new cars and vans. They help to take out and reduce vibrations, protecting and increasing the operational lifetime of other integral system components such as the pulleys that drive the power steering and air conditioning systems – and often the water pump. Consequently, they ought to be replaced at the same time as the belt.

Corteco says that problems have arisen wherever TVDs have been installed without fitting new TVD bolts. All TVD bolts are not all the same. Each set is specially designed to stretch and match the requirements of particular TVDs. Premature front-end drive system failures – which can also compromise the timing belt drive and lead to engine failure – have been closely linked to the re-use of old TVD bolts.

“These ECP briefings will provide counter staff members with the kind of information they need in order to provide garages with solid technical support,” says Corteco product manager Satbinder Rana. “Garages must be encouraged to resist any temptation to re-use the old bolts, which are subject to intense vibration. This renders them unsuitable for re-use. Re-using bolts will cause TVDs to fail prematurely.”

Corteco’s TVD kits include all of the necessary bolts, so garages will be more inclined to fit them. An enhanced warranty programme acts as a further incentive.

Satbinder added: “Ultimately, the goal is to reduce garage time lost through inspection and rectification work, which inconveniences garage customers and ruins garage reputations. The new TVD kits should also also lead to more first time fit solutions.”

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