Forté: soot and carbon deposits from cars of today still the same after twenty years

Getting to grips with diesel engine contamination

Forté: soot and carbon deposits from cars of today still the same after twenty years
Forté’s DPF Off-Car Cleaner enable garages to reduce workshop hours and therefore boost efficiency in terms of vehicle throughput and bay utilisation.

With the spotlight on diesel-powered vehicles and the emissions they produce, addressing the problem of contamination in diesel engines has never been greater for workshops. 

While today’s precision engineered diesels deliver excellent performance, they are highly sensitive to even the smallest amounts of contamination.

Diesel emission control technologies, such as AdBlue-based SCR systems and DPFs, add a restriction in the exhaust system and therefore increase back pressure.

This has the potential for contamination to flow ‘upstream’ into the engine and create problems in the fuel and lubrication systems, as well as the exhaust.

A spokesperson for Forté said: “Today’s cars still produce the same amount of soot and carbon deposits as they did twenty years ago, the difference now is that these deposits are not released into the atmosphere.

“This leads to inlet manifold, fuel system, oil system and exhaust system contamination, leading to increased fuel consumption, reduced engine efficiency and poor emissions performance.

Increase profitability

“Forté offers a full range of diesel engine treatments to help garages solve and protect against contamination related problems.”

Products such as Forté’s advanced formula diesel treatment, diesel specialist injector cleaner, diesel turbo cleaner and DPF cleaner & regenerator are simply added to the fuel tank and formulated to clean the entire fuel system from tank to tailpipe.

Forté fuel treatments and service programmes provide workshops with the opportunity to add a valuable revenue stream to their business and solve problems for their customers.

To find out more about Forté call 024 7642 1131 or click ‘more details’ below.

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