Remy further enhances braking programme by teaming with sister company

Brake Parts Inc. has joined with Remy in a pursuit to further produce quality products

Remy further enhances braking programme by teaming with sister company
Remy boasts OE specific standards and rigorously tests all products.

Remy has teamed up with sister company Brake Parts Inc. to further enhance its braking programme and deliver a more robust offering. 

In this year alone, Remy is on track to launch approximately three hundred more brake calipers and three hundred starters and alternators.

Its commitment to deliver quality-remanufactured components allows them to supply a full range of quality parts at a competitive price whilst doing their part in maintaining environmental sustainability.

Currently, Remy’s competitive range of starters and alternators stands in excess of five thousand parts, covering light-duty (including stop-start), LCV and heavy-duty applications.

Remy’s brake caliper range stands at around 3,300 part numbers.

OE specific standards

Remy’s continual investment in improving processes and remanufacturing plants, to maintain it’s OE specific standards, have resulted in an extension of the warranty period to three years for their range of light-duty starters and alternators.

In many instances of warranty claims, Remy has found that the part was not faulty.

It is often misdiagnosed because the Remy part showed the effect of the failure rather than the actual cause of it.

To avoid unnecessary claims, Remy provides installers with technical bulletins and tips to ensure proper installation.

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