GSF & Autologic meet complex diagnostics challenge

GSF & Autologic meet complex diagnostics challenge

GSF Car Parts and Autologic Diagnostics have announced that they are working together to help garages perform deeper diagnosis and resolve more faults, faster. To practically enable this, GSF will give customers that buy Autologic diagnostics devices a £250 credit against future parts purchases as an added incentive.

“Partnerships with organisations like GSF enable Autologic to address the ever increasing complexity of modern vehicles and the requirement for more sophisticated diagnostic capabilities,” said James Bagan, European Sales Director, Autologic Diagnostics. “What we see today is that garages are spending more time evaluating all the levels of diagnostic tools available and choosing Autologic because it offers many of the features of OE-level tools.”

Whereas in the past, GSF rarely had questions about manufacturer and model support, today, the GSF Garage Essentials team now receive much more detailed pre-sales questions about diagnostic tools. These focus increasingly on specific vehicle coverage, as well as the overall support package that comes with the diagnostic equipment.

The head-office-based Garage Essentials team, which manages referrals from the 74 branch GSF network, as well as calls from garages, have already responded by increasing the depth of information published to trade as well as the partnership with Autologic. Technical data and diagnostics cover a record 12 pages in the latest Garage Essentials promotion, accounting for 25% of the 68 page publication, making it the leading information source.

“Autologic provides independent garages with diagnostic capability that’s easy to use and mirrors many of the key capabilities of OE equipment,” said John Wright, Garage Essentials General Manager. “When coupled with expert technical support they help independent garages fix faults faster, which minimises the need for main dealer referrals.”

The Autologic device’s capabilities include powerful diagnostics, safeguarded ECU programming, key coding, live data logging, component actuations and service functions. The device benefits from real-time software updates, whilst being intuitive and easy to use, all backed with class leading support. This includes expert-to-expert telephone technical support, available on-demand from Autologic’s UK based team of software specialists and technicians.

For more information, please contact your local branch of GSF or call the Garage Essentials team now on 0121 7498801.

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