Garages “don’t know” what brake disc skimming is, experts say

Can you help drivers looking for a cheaper alternative to brake disc replacement?

Garages “don’t know” what brake disc skimming is, experts say
Brake disc skimming can increase a garage’s profits and reputation.

Pro-Cut’s consumer website ‘Skim my Discs’ educates car owners about correct brake repairs and drives business to workshops that have a Pro-Cut brake lathe machine.

It says more and more drivers are requesting brake disc skimming, but are you able to provide this service?

After a Pro-Cut brake disc skim, drivers reported improved braking performance, no further vibration problems and that bedding in was no longer required.

Brake disc skimming is quick, efficient, has amazing accuracy and can increase a garage’s profits as well as customers leaving happy with working brakes.

Brake lathe machine

  • New 4-wheel trolley.
  • Free brake lathe protective cover.
  • Marketing support.
  • Free comprehensive training and back-up support.
  • Free listing on Skim my Discs website.

For further information call 01752 219124 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, click the ‘more details’ button below.

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