Drive safely with the correct bulb from HELLA

Everything you need to know about the easy to use bulb configurator

Drive safely with the correct bulb from HELLA
Find the perfect bulb with HELLA's bulb configurator.

As selecting the correct bulb for headlights, ancillary and even interior lights is often far from easy, HELLA has developed a useful online tool to take the doubt out of the selection.

HELLA’s filament bulb configuration tool helps both motor factors and workshops easily find the most suitable bulb for the passenger car, van or truck by giving them access to the company’s diverse range of product solutions.

Once the vehicle make, model, year and lighting type have been selected, the tool reveals the standard bulb for the application, while also providing information concerning HELLA’s alternative options.

For more information call 01295 662400, email [email protected] or click ‘more details’ below.

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