Responsibility for ADAS camera and radar calibration lies with workshops, experts say

Workshops shouldn't fear working on ADAS equipped vehicles, according to Hella Gutmann Solutions

Responsibility for ADAS camera and radar calibration lies with workshops, experts say
The CSC tool was developed by Hella Gutman Solutions specifically for workshops and bodyshops.

With litigation sadly a growing trend across the board, Hella Gutmann Solutions say technicians need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to working on the increasing number of vehicles fitted with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are now entering workshops.

Working on these vehicles is not a development that should be feared, because workshops have always been responsible for the work they undertake, but ADAS technology is a factor that needs to be recognised and steps must be taken to ensure the vehicle’s systems are functioning as they should when work is completed.

Neil Hilton, head of business development for Hella Gutmann Solutions, said: “When any work is taken on, it needs to be clearly understood that recalibration could possibly be required where the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions are followed and this is the responsibility of the repairer.

“Delivering a vehicle back to the customer with incomplete repairs, in the case of recalibration not being performed, is not an option: this could potentially result in safety issues for the customer along with a legal risk to the repair provider.”

Hella Gutmann Solutions provides the calibration tools that are needed to ensure that the cameras and radars, on which these ADAS equipped vehicles rely, are correctly set.

It affords them a multi-brand solution, covering 92 per cent of vehicles fitted with the technology.

In addition to providing the tools they need, Hella Gutmann Solutions is committed to educate and assist both workshops and individuals, when it comes to the challenges – and genuine opportunities – that ADAS presents.

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