Hella Gutmann Solutions: supporting the independent garage

What is Hella Gutmann Solutions and how can it provide benefits for workshops?

Hella Gutmann Solutions: supporting the independent garage
Hella Guttmann Solutions has been working towards the success of independent workshops for many years.

With more than thirty years of knowledge in the field of vehicle diagnostics, Hella Gutmann Solutions provides advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) recalibration.

The company offers the only multi-brand aftermarket solution to this challenge, covering more than 92 per cent of the ADAS equipped UK car parc and providing the independent workshop with the repair solution to virtually every diagnostic-related problem with its mega macs range and CSC tool combination.

With the technology now incorporated in the modern vehicle dictating the simplest of service and repair work, independent garages need a capable diagnostic solution.

Today’s vehicles rely on radar sensors and cameras connecting to ADAS functions, which naturally require recalibration following an accident repair or windscreen replacement, but also for many mechanical repairs.

For example, recalibration is required after steering and suspension replacement, and even an adjustment of the vehicle’s tracking.

Forwards thinking

Most workshops and repair specialists consider such technology to be a thing of the future, but Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen have been building cars with camera/radar technology for more than three years and it also now features on other brands such as Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Lexus.

Insurance companies will be looking to specialists to affect a quick, cost effective and safe repair, backed up with documented evidence of a successful calibration and if independent workshops and bodyshops can’t deliver this service because they are out of touch with new technology, the work will no doubt go to main dealers.

For more information about Hella Gutmann Solutions, call 01295 66240 or click ‘more details’ below.

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