Workshops could face legal action for failing to calibrate ADAS, HELLA warns

Manufacturers specify that ADAS recalibration must take place after work has been performed

Workshops could face legal action for failing to calibrate ADAS, HELLA warns
Hella Gutmann Solutions has a range of equipment for workshops including the CSC tool, which can aid technicians in diagnosing and recalibrating ADAS, as well as mega macs PC, mega macs 42SE, mega macs 56 and mega macs 66, make the company a multi-brand solution, covering over 92 per cent of the ADAS equipped UK car parc.

Garages are risking legal action if advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration is not carried out properly, Hella Gutmann Solutions has told GW.

From the beginning of 2016, to qualify for a five star Euro NCAP safety rating, all new vehicles require a minimum of two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning – to be fitted as standard.

A spokesperson for Hella Gutmann Solutions told GW: “ADAS technology has now led to such innovations as traffic assistance, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition to be built into a vehicle to assist the driver and increase vehicle safety.

“All are complex pieces of technology that require equipment to diagnose faults and reset them, should they encounter any problems.”

Hella Gutmann Solutions has provided the solution to one of most common problems these systems encounter – the correct calibration of the cameras and/or radars these vehicles relay on to function correctly – via its cost effective camera and sensor calibration (CSC) tool.

There can be major repercussions if the ADAS systems are incorrectly calibrated, including inaccurate deployment, the deactivation of systems and corresponding ADAS technologies and incorrect function.

“Customers may pursue legal action”

The spokesperson added: “Manufacturers now specify that recalibration of ADAS must take place after work has been performed, so there is also the risk that customers may pursue legal action against the workshop if the calibration is not carried out properly or ignored completely.

“Therefore, workshops need to be equipped to handle ADAS technology, which is where Hella Gutmann Solutions steps in.”

For further information about the range of ADAS workshop equipment, select ‘more details’ below.

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