How are Garrett by Honeywell turbos supporting commercial vehicles?

Honeywell boosts commercial vehicles with its range of applications

How are Garrett by Honeywell turbos supporting commercial vehicles?
Customer expectations for reliability, performance, driveability, fuel consumption and noise drive constant developments in the range of Garrett CV turbos.

In recent years, Honeywell has launched a whole new range of turbochargers and turbocharging systems and the latest crop of Garrett by Honeywell CV turbochargers includes a combination of features.

These features are seen in a variety of commercial vehicles, such as combine harvester or tractor working day and night in the fields, a truck pulling forty tonnes across a high mountain range or a delivery truck hurrying to complete its drops for the day.

Dual stage serial turbocharging

With different combinations of free floating, waste-gated and VNT turbos, serial turbocharging allows the charge air to be compressed twice, to much higher pressure for high output engines.

Electronic actuation

Powerful electronic actuators offering rapid response to driver/vehicle inputs and feeding back accurate positional information to the vehicle ECU, to accurately control the movement of the variable vanes

Ball bearings

Once the exclusive preserve of race and rally turbos, many CV turbos now use advanced ceramic ball bearings to maximise harnessing energy from the exhaust gas; ensuring as much as possible goes into driving the turbine and compressor.

Ball bearing turbos are well proven to improve time to boost for great drivability improvements.

VNT DutyDrive

Variable geometry turbos specifically designed for use on heavy duty diesel engines.

With the movable vanes supported on two axles, they are able to cope easily with the high pressures and loads imposed during commercial

vehicle operations and may be used for engine braking on some vehicles, in conjunction with high power pneumatic or electronic actuators.

Advanced sealing systems

Developed so that two or three pistons rings may be used as to comply with the sealing requirements ensuring compliance with emissions regulations and to keep the lubricating oil and gasses separated.

Speed Sensors

Used to monitor the speed of the turbocharger, helping to ensure that it never exceeds its safe limits, even when the engine is working at full power.

Dual Passage Bypass

Two wastegates in one turbine housing, to maximise performance.

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