Klarius designs emissions system for aging Saab 9-5 Aero Estate

Owner of 15 year old family car turns to Exhausts-Direct.net for quality replacement solution

Klarius designs emissions system for aging Saab 9-5 Aero Estate
Klarius offers a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee on all components, which means that time spent on the ramp was kept to a minimum.

Klarius designs replacement emissions systems based on demand cycles and the ageing of vehicles, so new exhausts can often be developed for discontinued cars.

Rosalie Davies’ Saab 9-5 Aero Estate was purchased new 15 years ago and when her exhaust needed replacing she knew finding a substitute would be difficult as the brand is no longer in production; luckily Klarius had developed a complete replacement emissions system.

Using the Exhausts-Direct.net website to find a local garage that had emissions experience she found Jamie and Ben at Bewdley Auto Services.

“I checked the garage listing based on my postcode for a suitable service centre, and saw that Bewdley Autos was just down the road,” explained Rosalie.

“It was important to me to choose a quality service and component, as I still love the car and how it drives.”

Exhausts-Direct.net lists quality approved independent garages supplying quality components and maintenance work.

Independently tested designs

Garages must be up-to-speed with the latest legislation, analysis methods and technology for exhausts, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and fuel additive systems; Klarius audits every garage member to ensure that standards are met.

She added: “It’s great for me to have an approved centre in the local area, as it minimises the stress of carrying out the work.

“The garage was exceptionally helpful, and explained to me about the two year warranty and that due to availability, they could source an exact replacement for my car.

“The performance makes it a bit of a sleeper, so with the new exhaust, I can continue to enjoy what makes this car so unique.”

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