What makes a quality aftermarket exhaust?

UK manufacturer Klarius provides advice for producing premium quality products

What makes a quality aftermarket exhaust?
Doug Bentley, head of product development at Klarius.

Producing independently tested type-approved emissions products has always been a routine activity for Klarius.

Doug Bentley, head of product development at Klarius explained: “Type approval is the EU standard for conformance to OE specifications.

“Klarius is the only UK aftermarket exhaust manufacturer to produce aftermarket exhaust products to these strict standards, and have them certified.

“All emissions examinations are performed at a dedicated onsite test track facility.”

The independent testing and type-approval process ensures all Klarius exhausts meet strict emissions, noise and backpressure levels.

Fitting approved is clearly recommended, however not enough people even within the industry know that fitting a non-type approved product can have multiple impacts on the characteristics of a vehicle, including a significant reduction in power at the wheels, lower efficiency, higher emissions and a shorter life expectancy for the engine and other ancillary parts.

“Choice of materials”

“Quality manufacturers will usually employ high grade pipe materials and bending techniques – which produce a more consistent diameter throughout the exhaust bend.

“The vibrations caused by say, a speed bump, can put huge stress on the weld between box and pipe.

“With a brittle and hard material, this weld can become a weak point on the exhaust, causing failure.”

To combat this Klarius uses a custom grade of aluminised steel, providing both durability and versatility due to a more malleable ferrous steel core and a corrosion resistant aluminium exterior.

The same attention is given to fitting equipment, which is designed for each exhaust model in durable materials.

Top tips

  • A fully type-approved exhaust performs to the most exacting standards, preserving a cars performance to OE standards or higher.
  • Higher grade materials increase the durability and efficiency of the exhaust, especially associated welds.
  • Correct fitting is vital to preserve efficiency, (always choose a fitting kit with a replacement exhaust.
  • Tested products operate at a guaranteed performance level.
  • Poor quality exhausts may not pass an MOT test, and can adversely affect a car in the long and short term.
  • A poorly designed exhaust can greatly affect levels of back pressure, and therefore engine performance.
  • Premium quality aftermarket exhausts are available at a standard price, but be careful who you specify as they are not all created equal.

A poorly fitted or designed exhaust may not pass an MOT emissions and noise test either, and it will be lowering fuel efficiency, engine power and affecting noise levels throughout the lifetime of the car.

“Testing is absolutely crucial here and is the only way of ensuring an aftermarket design meets OE specifications,”

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