Video: Eight-year-old receives BRECK racing sponsorship deal

Future generation of racers supported by special sponsorship deal

Video: Eight-year-old receives BRECK racing sponsorship deal
Lumag sponsored, Kacper Tomalewski.

Eight year old Kacper Tomalewski’s talent for racing is so great that Lumag has shown its support for this next generation of winners with a special BRECK sponsorship deal.

Having started racing at the tender age of four Kacper is a real racing prodigy. Part of the Bambino Kart Club (BKC), West of Scotland Kart Club (WSKC) and a member of the Motorsports Association (MSA), Kacper has already filled more than one trophy cabinet.

In the latest BKC Honda Interkart championship, Kacper took home third place, racking up an impressive 193 points from four high speed races.

Rafal Tomalewski, Kacper’s father, said: “It’s well known that world champions start young, and there is no doubt that Kacper’s enthusiasm, skills and fearlessness could see him go all the way. We’re lucky to be so well supported by both the race organisers and sponsors such as Lumag/BRECK.

“Having the support of such a renowned world-leading brand such as BRECK and featuring its highly recognisable branding on the racing kart is a great boost.

“The sponsorship certainly demonstrates the faith that Lumag has in Kacper’s future career.

“We look forward to continue to work with the Lumag/BRECK team and sharing further details of Kacper’s success as we move through the racing season.”

Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, Kacper has a busy schedule.

The Honda Interkart Championship is set to continue, with six more races still yet to take place.

Billed as the biggest competition of its kind, the championship brings together the best racers aged seven to 10 years old.

Each racer drives with the same RPM Honda GX160 engine complete with a carburetor, making for an even playfield, with only the individual skills and courage setting the winners apart.

Lumag’s UK managing director Colin Smit commented: “Sponsoring and supporting Kacper is a win-win situation as far as Lumag is concerned. His talent for the sport is evident, even at this early stage.

“For us to support him at the start of what promises to be a flourishing career allows a great opportunity for a good return on our investment, particularly with the amount of exposure he gets and will no doubt increasingly command.”

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