Lanarkshire independent explains benefits of Our Virtual Academy

Marc Light of SVS Autocentre explains how online training benefits his staff and his business

Lanarkshire independent explains benefits of Our Virtual Academy
SVS Autocentre now has a fully equipped training room to aid with online learning.

Marc Light of SVS Autocentre, Lanarkshire, has embarked on a crusade to get himself and his staff up to date with using diagnostic technology, with the help of the online training provider Our Virtual Academy.

“Technology moves so fast in our sector that it’s very easy to get left behind and find yourself scratching your head while staring under a bonnet,” he explained.

“This is a disaster for any garage. If you can’t fix the car you’re not getting paid, it’s that simple.

“Your customer may well decide to go elsewhere and find another garage that can fix their car, which most often leads to you losing that customer, not just for the more technical work, but also the basics which provide our bread and butter.

“Even with good quality diagnostic equipment, lacking the knowledge of how to use that equipment lets good jobs slip past and causes expensive misdiagnosis.

“No brainer”

Before subscribing to, Marc’s arrangements for training were similar to many other independent garages; occasional classroom-based training courses, or, more frequently, nothing.

Marc Light, SVS Autocentre.

Marc continued: “Sitting in a classroom can have its drawbacks, I’m sure quite a few of us have forked out money for a training course, sat there all day, and returned to work none the wiser, or thought “I would’ve learned more reading the instruction manual”.

“This can be downright frustrating, not to mention expensive.

“You have the price of the course, travel, and most of all time away from work; that adds up, and it hurts small businesses.

“ allows mechanics to train at their own pace, in their own time, even in their own homes.

“I have myself and my staff on a yearly subscription for the price of or two class-based training modules, without any of those additional costs or losses… There is no comparison, it’s a no brainer.”

New found confidence

Marc has seen improvements as a result: not only in the knowledge of his staff, but their confidence in that knowledge.

“My staff do not fight to dodge the job card with diagnosis written on it.

“That’s a big step forwards, diagnosis and electrical systems is no longer the monster it used to be.

“Instead of blank faces when I am explaining how a system works, I have nods of agreement and even questions! They are now, dare I say it, “interested”.

“ is a tool I have used to give my staff confidence that they are not completely out of their depth and that they are not faced with unfixable cars; they now see them as solvable puzzles, they know they have the tools to do the job, all it takes now is time and practice.

“That might sound simplistic, but without giving them the confidence to embark on that journey, where would I be? Probably where I was beforehand, doing it myself and muttering under my breath.”

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