Try out these workshop lights for free and help shape the future of Philips lighting

Philips calls on GW readers to try out these lighting products for feedback on how they perform

Try out these workshop lights for free and help shape the future of Philips lighting
Try out these Philips lighting products for free in the exclusive GW reader offer.

Garage Wire readers are being given the chance to evaluate some Philips current workshop lighting offerings and to help shape the future of workshop products from the renowned lighting brand.

GW has a dozen Philips workshop lights to give out for evaluation.

For your chance to participate email [email protected] with your name, your business details and website.

Participants will be asked to use the lighting tools and give feedback how they perform – after that they are yours keep.

The Philips lighting products up for review range from the ultra portable penlights, through wands such as the Cable 20 and the CBL40, to their top-of-the-line rechargeable RCH 21 and RCG 31 models.

Also on offer are two of their portable LED worklight units and two Matchline products, which as well as being high performance workshop lights in their own right, also have the capability of colour matching for paint schemes: the PJH Projector light – together with tripod (not pictured) and the award-winning MDLS – with its three rechargeable light modules that can be used individually or together.

All of the lights have Philips high quality LED light units in them and have been designed to give optimum comfort and lighting levels for workshop technicians.

Review status: This product is currently being reviewed.

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