Shaftec: more factors should stock remanufactured products

Transmission, braking and steering parts supplier champions remanufactured production method

Shaftec: more factors should stock remanufactured products
Shaftec offers a range in excess of 5,000 remanufactured part numbers from its Midlands-based modern production facility.

Garages should encourage motor factors to stock remanufactured calipers, or choose a supplier who can meet the needs of an ever-growing market, according to Shaftec.

“Price wise, with goods arriving from factories across the globe, the caliper market is extremely competitive.

“Range wise, currently the best way to guarantee that your factor can always supply the part you want, when you want it, is either go down the remanufactured route, or choose a supplier who can meet all your needs,” explains Chris Journet, Shaftec’s UK sales manager.

“We need to dispel the myth that a remanufactured part is somehow inferior, it’s not; The only thing on a brake caliper which is remanufactured is a lump of metal,” says Tom Curtis, Shaftec’s director.

“Everything else is brand new and the core is only remanufactured if it passes the stringent quality tests, namely that there are no cracks or weak points in the metal.

“Following the remanufacturing process, each part is thoroughly tested in exactly the same way as a new part would be.”

International competitors

“Our biggest competitors now are those who import cheaper products from the East, from factories with unproven track records,” Chris continued.

“But aside from the major issue of vehicle safety, nobody really knows where these parts are produced, using what methods, processes and materials, they have to be ordered in such large numbers to make it economically viable, they sensibly focus on the fast movers.

“Suppliers buy in those parts which they believe are guaranteed to sell quickly as they don’t want to be left with ten years of stock sitting redundant on the shelves taking up valuable space and not generating any income.”

If a driver can’t source the part from his local independent garage, it’s the main dealer, often at significantly higher cost, second hand which goes against every safety rule possible, or nothing.

Chris adds: “If a garage were to get a couple of cars a day through the door which are older vehicles requiring a niche part and they don’t have access to quality product from a reputable remanufacturer, they are going to lose business, and nine times out of ten that customer won’t come back.”

Production facility

Situated in the heart of Birmingham’s industrial Centre, the inner city district of Hockley, the facility is fully equipped with the latest machinery and technology for increased efficiency.

“All the sorting of the core, the remanufacture of the original casting, through to the reassembly using OE quality replacement parts and product testing, including pressure testing past normal working conditions, is done under one roof,” explains Tom.

The business also operates a ‘recon and return’ facility, this means that for niche and unusual parts, the garage can supply the core, Shaftec can produce the part, usually within a day inside the UK.

Shaftec offers remanufactured calipers, including EPB calipers, in red, black or green.

“For both affordability and environmental reasons, there is plenty of room for market growth of remanufactured calipers,” says Tom.

“New calipers, particularly EPB calipers are becoming more expensive. Remanufactured product represents excellent value without compromising on quality; with more and more emphasis being placed on recycling to aid the environment, the future is looking bright.”

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