TRICO freshens up UK headquarters display area

TRICO has recently unveiled a new display area in Skewfields, Pontypool

TRICO freshens up UK headquarters display area
TRICO has freshened its image as part of its centenary celebrations.

With a number of new products and announcements being introduced to celebrate the company’s centenary year, TRICO has a comprehensive array of merchandisers to display its products, from deluxe mobile displays and dealer cabinets to corrugated pre-packs.

They are easy to assemble, compact and offer eye-catching visuals to help attract the customers’ attention.

TRICO Product and Brand Manager, Sam Robinson said: “Over the last few weeks we have been updating, renovating and rejuvenating our display area, here at Pontypool.

“We’ve completely changed the contents and layout of the area to make it easier and more effective to demonstrate how TRICO products can be displayed.”

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