Used buyers going green to save money

Used buyers going green to save money

 More consumers asking for emissions information as part of the used car buying process, according to a new survey by HPI.

They report :

  • 38% of customers apparently now ask about co2 emissions.
  • 77% said there was a greater awareness of CO2 emissions among customers
  • 85% thought the increased interest was due to tax benefits
  • 37% of dealers said that CO2 emissions would “frequently affect a customer’s decision”
  • Only 13% said that emissions are “not an important factor”.

HPI says its CO2 Certificate provides a clear and easy way to offer consumers the information they need. It includes the vehicle’s estimated fuel cost over 12,000 miles, the vehicle excise duty (VED) banding and MPG figures.

Daniel Burgess, managing director of HPI, commented: “CO2 now has more of an impact on a customer’s purchase decision, but many are not offering this data, or only doing so when prompted.” 

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