Cabin filter change can help hay fever sufferers

Cabin filter change can help hay fever sufferers

Too few motorists realise that a change of cabin filter can help with hay fever say Andrew Page Group.

According to the NHS, some 20% of the population are affected by hay fever during spring and summer. That’s 10 million people suffering annoying or debilitating symptoms – and this season has been one of the worst for years.

One way of helping hay fever sufferers in cars is to ensure that the cabin filter, now fitted as standard to many cars, is changed regularly. The cabin filter is designed to prevent harmful contaminants from entering the vehicle, and to provide the right flow of fresh clean air for ventilation and clear vision. It also protects the air-conditioning and ventilation system components.

So, it’s an important and useful bit of kit which garage workshops can normally assess or change easily during a summer driving check or service. Despite their usefulness, cabin filters are not always changed regularly leaving drivers suffering needlessly through the hayfever season…

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