DENSO warns workshops against carrying out injector repairs in unclean conditions

Fuel injector repairs could be compromised by dirt particles

DENSO warns workshops against carrying out injector repairs in unclean conditions
DENSO fuel injectors.

DENSO has issued a stark warning to technicians that unclean workshops could damage the precise mechanics of fuel injectors, leading to costly repairs.

The fuel injection system is at the heart of any diesel engine, pressurising and injecting the fuel to power an estimated 12.4 million vehicles across the UK.

Yet like any essential component, it can often suffer the effects of wear and tear over time, eventually encountering problems which will require an injector repair.

And with the average UK diesel car nearly seven years old* and diesel engines accounting for 40% of all licensed cars, fuel injection system repair can prove a fruitful source of revenue for repairers.

However, the precise nature by which the fuel injector works also means that repairers need to ensure they are carrying out a repair in the right conditions or risk causing further damage.

Due to the working clearances of 2 microns, cleanliness is crucial when it comes to repairing an injector.

The capital investment for the facilities and testing equipment is extremely high, but necessary, to meet the exacting standards of DENSO.

To repair an injector it must be dismantled, cleaned precisely and then re-assembled in an air-conditioned, pressurised, clean room as even the smallest piece of dirt can contaminate a fuel injector’s nozzle, causing it to stick in the open position and leak fuel into the cylinder.

To ensure workshops can guarantee a high quality repair of a DENSO injector, the parts manufacturer requires workshops to meet a stringent list of standards including investment in their facilities and testing equipments to ensure strict cleanliness in the area where the injector repair takes place

At present there are only seven authorised DENSO injector repairers in the UK and Ireland who have developed the required conditions, including five authorised DENSO injector repairers in England (Merlin Diesel, Carwood, Colchester Fuel Injection, Feather Diesel & CP Diesel) and two in Ireland (Diesel Injection Services, Diesel Engineering Services).

To ensure an efficient repair of a genuine DENSO injector while avoiding the risk of more costly damage to an engine, DENSO recommends visiting one of its authorised injector repairers.

For further information about DENSO’s range of diesel fuel injectors click here. 

*According to DFT 2017 annual vehicle licensing statistics:

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