DVSA details latest MOT testing service updates

Service changes include authorised examiner service reports and tester's performance dashboard

DVSA details latest MOT testing service updates
Following the service outage on 26 July, updates have been made to the AE service reports page and performance dashboard.

The DVSA has published a report detailing its latest updates to the MOT testing service.

Authorised examiners (AE) can now find testers’ annual assessments, test logs and VTS information on the AE ‘service reports’ page.

The tester’s performance dashboard now features a rolling month to date summary of the number of tests completed and includes the number of passes and fails recorded.

Neil Barlow, head of MOT policy at the DVSA, said: “The changes we’ve made will make it easier for garage managers and testers to spot unusual trends in the pass/fail rate and possible testing quality issues.”

The MOT testing service ‘time-out’ had been previously criticised for being too short but the time has now been extended to minutes.

Neil added: “In the background we’ve continued to work on the financial side of the testing service.

“This supports DVSA moving to a new accounts system and will make our payments system more reliable.”

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