Fix damage before replacing alternator, warns Autoelectro

Remanufacturer advises on spotting BMW model issues

Fix damage before replacing alternator, warns Autoelectro
Autoelectro offers a range of starter motors and alternators.

Autoelectro, an independent remanufacturer of rotating electrics, has advised technicians to check for a specific issue with a BMW model after identifying a problem that can cause premature alternator failure.

The issue exists on the BMW 3.0 petrol E90/92/93 335i (2008-onwards), caused by the power-assisted steering (PAS) pump pulley or auxiliary belt coming into contact with the sub frame when the vehicle is driven over speed humps.

The contact between the components can cause the auxiliary drive belt to stretch, break or snap, resulting in the premature failure of the alternator pulley and bearings, along with the failure of the PAS pump pulley.

Autoelectro recommends that technicians inspect and, if required, replace any damaged components, including the auxiliary drive belt, PAS pump pulley, sub frame and LH engine mount, before replacing the alternator (Autoelectro part number AEK3107).

Failure to rectify the fault will result in the premature breakdown of the alternator after replacement.

New technical information readily available

Autoelectro continues to grow its technical bulletin library, providing technicians with up-to-date information to ensure they are prepared to tackle issues that enter their workshop.

Several hundred technical bulletins are available to access, free-of-charge, from its website to subscribers.

The Bradford-based remanufacturer has 30 years’ experience and offers a range of starter motors and alternators.

Additionally, the company provides substantial stock availability and a next-day delivery service.

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