How increased rail fares may lead to further job opportunities for garages

Motoring industry officials advise commuters to drive into work to save money

How increased rail fares may lead to further job opportunities for garages
Oly Richmond, Servicing Stop chief executive officer and founder.

Rail commuters across the UK face a five per cent increase in rail fares, the largest it has risen in half a decade.

As commuting by train becomes less affordable, motoring industry officials are pleading for people to drive into work to save money.

But with both tickets and fuel on the rise, which one offers commuters the fairest deal?

Chief executive officer and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond is asking commuters who own a car to consider driving into work as a way of saving money.

He said: “The UK currently has some of the lowest fuel prices in Europe but it’s no stranger to tax, two thirds of the cost of a litre goes directly to the government in the form of fuel duty and VAT but at least it’s not contributing to rail chiefs big bonuses or trains due to arrive in a few decades time.

“In fact, fuel retailers make approximately two per cent profit on every litre of fuel.

Twice the price

“There is no denying the fact that fuel prices have risen over the last 12 months, a recent survey found the five highest priced areas for filling up were in Argyll, Devon and the Isle of Wight, and it was there that the annual cost of filling up was £1,200 to £1,300.

“While this burns a hole in our pockets, it doesn’t have as damaging an effect as using public transport does.

“London Travelcard Prices, from 2 January, start from £1,364 a year and that’s just for Zone 1 to 2.

“To cover all six zones, commuters are facing an annual cost of £2,492.

“People are throwing double the money to sit; or rather stand, in an over-crowded train that may or may not get them to work on time when they have a perfectly good vehicle sat on their driveway at home that could save them thousands a year.

“While I understand not everyone drives, for those who do it’s a no brainer.”

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