Motorists reveal dealership secrets for independents in recent survey

British drivers reveal their main priorities when it comes to choosing a garage

Motorists reveal dealership secrets for independents in recent survey
The results of a study by online booking platform Servicing Stop shows that simple gestures such as a cup of tea go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

Despite legislation changes during 2003 supposedly preventing main dealers holding a monopoly on servicing, a few main dealers still hold an iron-fist over the industry, says Servicing Stop.

Through the use of ‘colossal budgets’ and advanced technology, dealers are supposedly still monopolising the market by making sure only their garages can service their cars.

In a recent study, Servicing Stop asked more than 1,100 motorists what they think independents could do to match the dealership standard.

Four biggest priorities

Staff training was the main priority on motorist’s minds, with 37 per cent of those polled calling for technicians with more extensive knowledge of the industry.

Another bug bear came in the form of customer servicing, with 35 per cent viewing customer service as a priority in bridging the gap between independent and main dealer garages, and a further 21 per cent called for more presentable premises in order to gain their custom.

Seven per cent said a courtesy tea or coffee would improve the entire customer experience.

Customers reveal priorities

Servicing Stop chief executive officer and, Oly Richmond, said: “There’s apparently four things motorists want from independents.

“Skilled staff, better customer service, clean premises and a friendly cuppa.

“Work your magic on these four things and you’ll retain more customers.

“We’re all about helping independent garages, which is why since founding we’ve provided more than £60 million worth of work to our garage network.

“We have kept hundreds of garages in business and aim to help even more over the coming years.”

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